We supply a wide range of sealant and adhesive technologies from leading edge companies at the forefront of the latest innovative solutions.

  • “The Business”
  • fire retartant sealants
  • universal sealants
  • sanitary sealants
  • polyurethane
  • gun grade
  • expanding foam
  • Mitre Bond
  • D3 / D4
  • acrylic
  • hot-melt
  • PUR
  • 5-min / 30-min
  • artificial grass adhesive

We can provide all specifications of abrasive consumables. From best quality masking tape, sanding sheets, discs, blocks and belts to complete dust extraction systems.

  • INDASA masking tapes
  • INDASA foam abrasives
  • INDASA sanding disks
  • sanding blocks
  • sanding belts
  • backing pads
  • dust extraction

We offer a range of circular saw blades and band saw blades from leading manufacturers for cutting of wood, metals and plastics. For circular saw blades a comprehensive offering on TCT/HMS, segmented, HHS and PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tipped blades.

  • saw blades
  • ripping blades
  • cross cutting
  • general purpose circular saw blades
  • thin kerf
  • plastic / aluminium / metal cutting
  • planer blades

 Use our expertise to help you find the ideal tool for your application. Talk to us about our top-brand range of router bits and router cutters for wood, metal, composite and laminates. 

  • spirals
  • routers
  • auger bits
  • drill bits
  • profile cutters
  • replacement tips
  • custom serrated profile cutters

We can provide screws, nails, staples, pins, brad packs and fixings from the technology leading companies.

  • Starturn screw range
  • Buttonfix fixings range
  • straight brad nails
  • angled brad nails
  • headless pins
  • finish nails
  • etc.

We sell a wide range of head to toe Personal Protection Equipment for professionals and manufacturers.

  • safety helmets and bump caps
  • safety glasses, goggles, face-shields and visors
  • earplugs and earmuffs
  • face masks, N95, FFP3
  • gloves, gauntlets and sleeving
  • safety boots and shoes